Your Guide To Choosing The Perfect Badge Design For Your School

Your Guide To Choosing The Perfect Badge Design For Your School

School Badges on Blazer

In the bustling hallways of a school, a badge is more than just a piece of metal or fabric. It's a symbol of identity, achievement and community spirit. Whether it's worn by a diligent student council member, a victorious sports team or a dedicated after-school club member, a well-designed school badge instils a sense of pride and belonging.

These days, badges come in all sorts of shapes, sizes, colours and materials. You can even design your own badges online. But how do you choose the perfect badge design for your school? 

In this post, we’ll explore what makes the perfect badge. 

Shape Significance

The shape of a badge isn't just a design choice; it's a reflection of achievement and recognition. When finding the perfect badge for your needs, shape is one of the most important aspects. Let’s take a look at some of the ways you may think about the shape of your badges. 

Round Badges for Meeting Targets

The circle is a symbol of wholeness and completion. When students meet academic or extracurricular targets, a round badge can signify their full-rounded achievement. The round 100% badges from Black Rooster are a great example here. 

Star Badges for Star Pupils

Stars have long been associated with excellence and outstanding performance. Awarding star-shaped badges to your exemplary students can boost their morale by making them feel like a star! 

Shield Badges for a Classic Look

Shield badges embody tradition, protection and identity. Their classic look makes them a timeless choice for school badges, representing the school's heritage and values. 

Material Matters

The material of your badges not only affects their durability but also their appearance and the impression they create.

Metal Badges

Metal badges are durable, shiny and have a premium feel. They’re suitable for long-term use and are great if you want a more premium look. Metal badges usually come with a pin for easy attachment to blazers and shirts. 

Fabric Badges

These are softer and more flexible. They are ideal for many achievements or events, but they do have a tendency to fray over time, meaning they might not last long-term. Fabric badges also usually require heat transferring to be worn, making them less practical. 

Choosing the right material will ultimately depend on your needs. 

Choose The Right Colours

Different colours evoke different emotions and signify different levels or types of achievements. The right colour choice can enhance the badge's appeal and meaning. Remember, it's not just about aesthetics; it's about creating a badge that resonates with the students and instils a sense of pride.

Additionally, colours can help in organising and categorising achievements, making it easier for everyone to understand the significance of each badge at a glance. When choosing colours, consider how they align with your school's spirit and the message you wish to convey with each badge. 

At Black Rooster, we have a wide range of badge colours to choose from. 


With numerous badge shapes and designs available, customisation adds a unique touch, making the badge special to your school.

Black Rooster Schools offers the opportunity to design your own badges online, letting you personalise your school badges with any text you require. Not only this, you can choose the shape and colour to ensure your badges are truly unique. By utilising Black Rooster’s badge design process, you can ensure that the badges carry the precise message and aesthetic you desire. 

Design Your Own School Badges With Back Rooster School Badges

Selecting the perfect badge design is a thoughtful process that embodies your school's ethos and celebrates achievements. From choosing a shape that resonates with your school's spirit to selecting materials and colours that reflect your standards, each decision contributes to the badge's significance.

With Black Rooster Schools, you have a partner who values quality and craftsmanship to help you design the perfect badge for your needs.