The Benefit of Coronation Badges in Schools

The Benefit of Coronation Badges in Schools

From Coronation Badges to Lanyards in School

Gone are the days of endless teacher-led activities with children sitting in silence completing tasks. We are now educating pupils on leadership, celebration, pride, and taking ownership of their learning.


Following the death of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, the entire country entered a period in history that will be etched in the memories of those present at the time forever. Subsequently, they will now witness the coronation of King Charles III who has succeeded the longest-serving monarch in British history. 


How can we celebrate and reflect on this momentous occasion using school badges? 

Coronation Badges and Your School Community

Keeping the curriculum in school fresh and appropriate to current themes and topics can help to address misconceptions. Often, children may hear a relatively small element of information and then assume the rest, leading to a playground rumour mill that soon spirals! 


As we approach the coronation of King Charles III, you can take the opportunity to explore the following areas of the primary and secondary history curriculum:


●               Explore the lives of significant individuals (Key Stage 1) 

●               The changing power of monarchs (Key Stage 2) 

●               How people’s lives have shaped the nation (Key Stage 3) 


At this time of celebration, schools can develop a feeling of community and pride, forming a display of unity with school badges to commemorate this historic day in our nation’s history. 


A pin badge can represent not only the coronation day itself but also become a symbol of solidarity that children and students of all ages can remember and cherish for the rest of their lives. 

Why Are Lanyards & Badges for Schools Important?

Personalised school badges and lanyards have two levels of significance, neither of which can be understated. There is a security necessity, enabling staff and visitors to see who is around the building, and for recognising student leaders, such as school council badges.  


Badges and lanyards can help to:


●               Celebrate success

●               Inspire others

●               Develop independence & responsibility


We want our pupils to become good citizens who can offer support, guidance and inspiration to others. Today's students are the leaders of tomorrow, and elevating their status from a young age could see positive outcomes for future generations.


Lanyards and badges for schools are not just gimmicks or a quick ‘well done’ for completing your work. They symbolise success and achievement, setting a benchmark for others to aspire to and strive for. 


How can you celebrate success and inspire the children in your school? Contact us today - we will show you how!