How to Wear Medals on a Blazer

How to Wear Medals on a Blazer

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Wearing medals on a blazer is a distinguished way to showcase your achievements and honours at formal events. Whether you're attending an academic ceremony, participating in a club award event or celebrating at a function, properly displayed medals not only highlight your accomplishments but also add a touch of elegance to your attire.

This guide will provide you with step-by-step instructions on how to wear medals correctly, ensuring that you present yourself with grace and respect for the occasion.

Choosing the Right Spot on Your Blazer

The optimal placement for medals on a blazer is on the left side, over the heart. This position not only follows traditional guidelines for formal attire but also ensures that your medals are prominently displayed during interactions.

Placing them on the left side keeps them in a prominent and respectful position, easy for others to see and admire. You’ll always see military veterans wearing their medals on the left side.

How to Attach Medals to Your Blazer

Attaching medals correctly is crucial for maintaining a polished look. Here’s how you can ensure your medals are secure and displayed to their best advantage:

Positioning the Medals: Place the medals on the left chest area of your blazer. If you are wearing multiple medals, arrange them from top to bottom based on their significance; the most prestigious medal should be positioned highest.

Securing the Medals: For medals intended to be worn on a blazer, use a small ribbon or a direct pin attachment. Make sure each medal is securely fastened:

With Ribbon Attachments: If your medals come with a small ribbon, loop the ribbon through a buttonhole on your blazer if possible, or pin it directly to the fabric. Ensure the ribbon is neatly arranged and lies flat against the blazer, with the medal hanging correctly and not swinging.

Direct Pin Attachments: If the medal includes a pin, carefully attach it directly to the blazer. Ensure the medal is aligned horizontally and hangs straight. Check that it does not swing or rotate, as this could detract from a polished look.

Other Ways to Wear Medals

Medals can also be worn in alternative styles depending on the formality and setting of the event:

Wearing Medals with a Round Neck Ribbon: The most commonly recognised method for displaying medals is with a round neck ribbon. This style, often seen during the Olympics and other sports events, allows the medal to be draped over the neck with the ribbon around the collar, positioning the medal centrally below the sternum.

Using Medal Bars: For a more streamlined look, especially when wearing a blazer, medal bars are a good option. These bars allow multiple medals to be organised neatly in a row or a tiered format and then attached securely to the blazer. This arrangement keeps medals aligned and orderly, ensuring they are displayed prominently without damaging the garment.

Medal bars are ideal for occasions where decorum requires a more subtle yet equally respectful presentation of multiple awards.


Whether pinned on a blazer for a formal event, draped from a neck ribbon in an Olympic-style presentation or neatly arranged on a medal bar, each method of wearing a medal brings its own touch of class to your outfit.

Displaying medals on a blazer at formal events not only enhances your look but also quietly celebrates your achievements. By wearing your medals correctly, you showcase your hard work and dedication in an elegant and stylish manner. So, wear your medals proudly and let them speak to your success!

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