Different Uses for Lanyards and Badges

Different Uses for Lanyards and Badges

You can see a variety of lanyards and badges all over the place in the modern world, whether you find yourself in one of the many careers that the NHS has to offer or at a rally for a cause that you believe in.


We’ve put together this blog to expand on some of the different common uses of lanyards and badges in today’s society. 

Identification & Names


A key and common use for lanyards and badges is for the sake of clear identification in a variety of different settings. There are many different workplaces that require their employees to wear ID badges and lanyards, whether working in an airport or a corporate office space. 


Not only do these lanyards offer a way for non-staff members to ascertain a better idea of who they might be interacting with, but they can also help to ensure that the right staff members are allowed proper access to suitable areas and privileges. Clear identification on lanyards can do wonders for streamlining the workplace.


Similarly, badges can achieve similar results in more service-based industries. Name tags help to create a sense of familiarity with waiting staff or those working in retail, while a manager’s badge can give customers a sense of confidence when issuing a concern. 


In Education


Over the years, staff badges and lanyards have become commonplace in schools. Much like ID badges and lanyards, they can help students and other staff members with identifying staff members and their responsibilities in the institution.

However, they can also act as a form of professional accessory, becoming a part of a sort of staff uniform, and maintaining a sense of consistency within the school. Similarly, they can be issued to students at certain ages, with lanyards a common uniform piece for sixth form or college students to signify their distinction from younger pupils


Alternative Lanyard Uses


If you’ve ever asked the question “what are lanyards used for?” outside of the context of identification and security, you might be surprised by all the different ways that they can be used. Lanyards have a variety of different applications, such as being used for company promotion at conferences and trade shows. 


They can also be used in more high-tech capacities, working as contactless keys or being adorned with Qr codes to communicate valuable digital information. Whether maintaining brand identity or elevating the technical sophistication of your workplace, there are countless ways to make use of lanyards.


Badges and their Versatile Applications


Badges are a resource that can be used in both professional and social spheres. Among children at school, badges are a great way to represent achievement and student authority, whether showcasing prefect status or signifying educational progress. Moreover, badges can be used in settings like conventions, festivals, or organised protests to showcase aspects of identity and personal belief. 


Whether you choose to create your own badges or select a badge with a popular slogan, they can be used as an effective tool for everything from strengthening communal interactions to individual expressionism.




In short, there are plenty of different ways to utilise lanyards and badges, whether you work in a medical facility or a supermarket. Just remember that the personalisation that you choose to apply will make a big difference in terms of branding, while identification badges and lanyards can be focused primarily on the communication of information.


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