Different Types of Awards Badges for School Ceremonies

Different Types of Awards Badges for School Ceremonies

Black Rooster School Badges- Merit Badge

At Black Rooster School Badges, we believe in celebrating achievements in style. As a leading supplier of school badges for all kinds of awards and ceremonies, we understand the importance of recognising hard work, dedication and success. 

Whether it's academic excellence, perfect attendance or outstanding performance in extracurricular activities, we have the perfect badge to commemorate every accomplishment.

Keep reading to discover our top pick of awards badges for school ceremonies. 

Star Badges

Black Rooster School Badges- Star Badge

Our star badges shine bright to honour stellar achievements. Whether it's for academic excellence, sports prowess or artistic talent, these badges symbolise the brilliance of our students. With various designs and customisable options available, you can find the perfect star badge to celebrate every shining moment. Our Triple Star badges are particularly popular, available for a range of subjects and achievements. 

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100% Achievement/Attendance Badges

Black Rooster School Badges- 100% Badge

Perfect attendance and academic achievement deserve recognition. Our 100% achievement/attendance badges are a testament to dedication and commitment. Whether it's for never missing a day of school or achieving top grades, these badges celebrate perseverance and success. Explore our range of designs and customise your badges to make them truly special. 

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Merit Badges

Black Rooster School Badges- Merit Badge

Recognising a pupil's merits is essential for fostering a culture of excellence. Our merit badges are a symbol of accomplishment and recognition for outstanding performance in various fields. 

From academic achievements to leadership qualities, these badges honour excellence in all its forms. Explore our selection of merit badge designs and personalise them to acknowledge the exceptional achievements of your students.

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Create Your Own Badges

Want to create a badge that's truly unique? With our 'Design Your Own Badge' feature, you can design badges tailored to your school's specific requirements. Whether it's incorporating your school logo, motto, or a custom design, the possibilities are endless. Let your creativity soar and design badges that reflect the individuality and spirit of your school. 

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Final Thought

At Black Rooster School Badges, we're passionate about celebrating achievements and honouring success. Whether it's academic milestones, extracurricular accomplishments or acts of kindness, our badges are designed to inspire and motivate students to reach for the stars. Browse our collection today and make every achievement memorable with Black Rooster School Badges.